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Cliff Moore

Rob and Paul are joined this episode by Cliff Moore, a dental practice owner and ultramarathon runner extraordinaire. Cliff explains how he balances raising young kids and training for 50-mile races while simultaneously running his practice. He talks about why it’s so important for busy practice owners to make time to exercise. And he discusses how sharing your passions with your patients and community can help grow your business.


Cliff is a former Navy dental officer stationed with the Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. During his time in the Navy, he served as the Physical Readiness Coordinator for his battalion. After being honorably discharged, Cliff purchased a practice in Lewis Center, Ohio. In addition to running ultramarathons, Cliff has two young kids and serves as the Ohio Director of the United Dental Brokers of America.

Listeners can email Cliff at, can follow him on Instagram at lc_dentist, and can add him and his amazing workouts and races on Strava @Clifford Moore.

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