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Mark Seltzer

The Dental Amigos are joined by Mark Seltzer Esq., founder and principal attorney of Philadelphia law firm Seltzer & Associates, P.C., to discuss something that many dentists don’t think about until it’s too late: disability insurance.

Mark provides insight into how to submit well-supported disability claims which anticipate objections from the insurance company and keep you out of court. Then, the Amigos and Mark give suggestions to listeners on what to look for when buying a policy. Finally, they discuss the most common disability insurance mistakes that can prove to be very costly for dentists.

Mark and his firm Seltzer & Associates have dedicated their practice to helping dentists, physicians and professionals who suffer from disabling conditions go forward with their lives.

He has been in practice for more than 40 years, has appeared by motion in numerous state and federal courts, and has successfully handled many claims and cases on behalf of impaired dentists, physicians, and professionals around the country.

Listeners who want to learn more about Mark or Seltzer Associates can visit, email Mark at or call (888)-699-4222.

Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at and those who want to reach out to Rob can do so Rob at