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Dentistry can be a lonely profession without good friends. The Dental Amigos hope to serve as a resource for dentists and those who like, love or spend time with dentists, and to bring the dental world together for the RIGHT reasons–fun, friendship and (practical) learning inside and outside of the operatory.

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The Dental Amigos – Robert H. Montgomery, Esq.  and Dr. Paul Goodman

Episode 10 – New Dentist Boost Camp Debrief

In this episode, Dr. Paul Goodman and Robert Montgomery, Esquire review the first New Dentist BOOST Camp that just happened in Philadelphia on August 2-4, 2018. Dr. Nacho from Dental Nachos collaborated with Dr. Greg Charles from Dental Clinical Pearls to train twenty young dentists for three days. The BOOST camp focused on learning how to improve your clinical skills (hands), how to expand your thought process (mind) and how to talk to patients like people (words).


Listen in to The Dental Amigos share how much fun it is when dentists have a cool party and why it’s so important to make new friends at every stage of your life journey. Click here to see what the new dentists have to say about the New Dentist BOOST Camp and here to find out how to join the next one LIVE or on the LIVE STREAM from the comfort of your own home while eating nachos.


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The Dental Amigos In Philadelphia

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