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Dentistry can be a lonely profession without good friends. The Dental Amigos hope to serve as a resource for dentists and those who like, love or spend time with dentists, and to bring the dental world together for the RIGHT reasons–fun, friendship and (practical) learning inside and outside of the operatory.

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The Dental Amigos – Robert H. Montgomery, Esq.  and Dr. Paul Goodman

Episode 48 - Patrick Valentz, Founder of Xite Healthcare Real Estate

Rob and Paul host their Texas real estate amigo, Patrick Valentz, a dental industry veteran and founder of Xite Healthcare Real Estate.


In this episode, Rob and Paul chat with Patrick about a wide range of topics from Patrick’s Ironman Triathlon career to what dentists should be considering when doing a ground-up construction project, including the hidden costs and potential pitfalls of real estate development projects, the potential dangers of taking advice from contractors and the importance of engaging real estate advisors and consultants in the early stages of a project.

The Dental Amigos Presents Jason Smithson

Lecture: Friday, September 27 & Saturday, September 28, 2019
Hands-On: Sunday, September 29, 2019

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