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Dentistry can be a lonely profession without good friends. The Dental Amigos hope to serve as a resource for dentists and those who like, love or spend time with dentists, and to bring the dental world together for the RIGHT reasons–fun, friendship and (practical) learning inside and outside of the operatory.

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The Dental Amigos – Robert H. Montgomery, Esq.  and Dr. Paul Goodman

Episode 13 – Dr. James Roman on Financing Dental Implant Cases

The Dental Amigos were excited to host Dr. James Roman, founder of iVelocity Marketing and business consultant to dentists and healthcare facilities. In this episode, Paul and Rob chat with James about the value of real world business mentorship, as well as the shift in patient perception of dental insurance and how that impacts large dental implant cases. James also shares the three areas a dental practice needs to focus on to create implant success: marketing, the sales process and patient financing. James trains offices on-site in systems to enhance case acceptance that includes a two-day treatment presentation which he discusses during the show.

The Dental Amigos In Philadelphia

Featuring Dr Pasquale Venuti, DDS - The workhorse of general dental practice is treating caries, cracks, and fractures of the teeth. .
Fri, Sep 21, 2018 - Sat, Sep 22, 2018

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