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Dave Monahan

Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer

Rob and Paul host Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer, an advanced, cloud-based platform that enables dentists to easily design and manage their own dental membership plan and offer it directly to their patients.

In this episode, Rob and Paul chat with Dave about why a dental practice should consider implementing a membership plan now as part of their COVID-19 recovery strategy, how a membership plan can help patients access the care they need and drive treatment acceptance, the impact that a membership plan can have on dental practice results and best practices for implementing a membership plan (spoiler alert – DIY isn’t one of them).

Listeners who want to learn more about  Kleer can visit, and they can email Dave at

Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at and those who want to reach out to Rob can do so Rob at

For the inquisitive minds, here are links to the books Dave and Rob mention on this podcast:

  • “The Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue” by Robbie Kellman Baxter: Click here.
  • “The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry” by John Warrillow: Click here.
  • “Predictably Irrational, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions” by Dan Ariely: Click here.