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It’s time to start thinking about and planning for the return of dentistry!

Gary Tackas, Brian Hanks, Chad Widensky, Dr. Nathan Ho and Dr. David White join Rob Montgomery, Esq. and Dr. Paul Goodman to share their insights and forecasts as to what dentistry will look like post-COVID-19.

Hear their great insights into:

  • Looking at PPO adjustments and discounts as a marketing expense when assessing their value to a dental practice,
  • The belief that patients won’t want to see a different dentist every time they have an office visit,
  • The status of dental practice transition lending, loan deferments and refinancing existing loans as a strategy to improve cash flow,
  • Strategies for structuring dental practice transition deals and whether to expect a shift from a “seller’s market” to a “buyer’s market”,
  • The importance of patient communication, and
  • What dentists should be doing to empower their state dental associations and influence government, & more!

Here’s how you can learn more about our guests:

Gary Tackas- Check out Gary’s podcast “The Thriving Dentist” at all of the usual podcast places and at

Brian Hanks- and be sure to pick-up a free copy of Brian’s book  when you’re there at Also check out his podcastThe Practice Purchase Podcast in all of the usual podcast places.

Chad Widensky- Learn more about Lendeavor at and you can contact Chad via email at

Dr. Nathan Ho- The Dental WinWin Facebook group and by going to

Dr. David White- on Facebook at David White, DDS
Stay safe! Stay sane!

Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at, those who want reach out to Rob can do so at and those who want reach out to Anna can do so at