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Rob Montgomery

The Dental Amigos are back with a fifth episode of their Dental Associate Agreements from an Employer’s Perspective season, where they discuss the all-important topic in any employment relationship- compensation.

Rob and Paul focus on helping practice owners realize that they should create an agreement that is clear and understood by both the employer and their new associate so that everyone is “on the same page”. The Amigos emphasize that practice owners were once young associates too and although it is important to make money in the short term, taking the time to build relationships and a strong team will ultimately make for a better work environment, which will then lead to more money and success in the long term. The Amigos conclude that in the end, if an associate seems to meet a practice owner’s expectations, the associate will most likely be a good fit for the practice.

Listeners who want to reach Paul can do so at and those who want to reach Rob can do so at