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Paul & Rob

The Dental Amigos are back for a second season in their new format and are flipping the script by exploring Dental Associate Agreements from an employer’s perspective. In this first episode of the new season, the Amigos discuss when an employer should hire an associate and, more importantly, why they should hire an associate.

Rob and Paul chat about how employers can either hire proactively or reactively and what to be aware of in each instance. The Amigos raise a variety of questions to think about:

  •  Are you looking ahead and ready to become a mentor?
  • What work will you need to do to  bring on an associate?
  • What are some of the costs that you’ll incur when bringing on an associate?
  •  Did your associate of several years just quit and you need a replacement as soon as possible?

As an employer, you should ask yourself these questions and think, why am I hiring an associate? Do I want this, or do I need this?

Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at and those who want to reach out to Rob can do so at