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Dr. Cristian Pavel

Rob and Paul are excited to host Dr. Cristian Pavel from the Dental Yogis to talk about how dentists can fight anxiety and live more fulfilling lives.

Dental practice owners encounter dozens of obstacles every day which can leave them feeling frazzled and unhappy. Cristian shares some tips with the Amigos on how to deal with these inconveniences and manage stress. Along with Cristian, they talk about how dentists can incorporate yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques into their lives. Cristian explains how implementing a “pre-huddle yoga flow” has improved his practice and the wellbeing of his employees. And finally, Paul, Rob, and Cristian discuss how to create a morning routine to optimize happiness and success.

Dr. Cristian Pavel is one-half of the Dental Yogis Facebook Group. The other half is his fiancée Dr. Danielle Cascioli. Cristian graduated from the University of Illinois College of Dentistry in 2014. He works with his parents in a family dental practice on the Northside of Chicago, and occasionally alongside Danielle on cosmetic cases.

Cristian and Danielle are certified yoga teachers and lead an annual vitality retreat for dentists. They enjoy coaching, traveling, working together on smile transformations, and celebrating all of life’s splendors. Their mission is to empower dentists to become health and wellness leaders and to bridge the gap between yoga and dentistry. In essence, to influence mindful dentistry—
implementing the practices to create a pain free, low stress approach to practicing dentistry and living life.

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