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Shane Simmons

Rob and Paul were happy to host Shane Simmons from Crimson Media to discuss how dentists can grow their practice and stand out in competitive marketplaces through digital marketing.

Shane is the founder and CEO of Crimson Media, a company based in Fishers, Indiana which helps dental practices attract new clients using online marketing. He is an expert storyteller and two-time Emmy Award winner. With his innovative storytelling techniques, Shane helps clients “build freedom in their practice.”

Many potential patients are reluctant to visit the dentist because they are afraid of uncomfortable procedures or have had bad experiences at prior dentists. Rob, Paul, and Shane discuss how dentists can transform these expectations and attract new patients by sharing positive experiences using digital storytelling techniques such as testimonial videos. These techniques help practices show what makes them unique and how they have improved their patients’ lives.

The Amigos also discuss the importance of omnipresent marketing. Prior to deciding which practice they should visit, patients seek information from several sources including family and friends, social media, online directories, and the practice’s website. In order to grow their practice, dentists should build name recognition and form relationships with potential patients by marketing on all these numerous platforms.

Finally, Shane breaks down the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in attracting new clients. He explains the three key elements necessary for a practice’s website to appear at the top of search results. Practices who implement these tactics consistently find themselves generating greater website traffic and expanding their business.

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