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Eric Morin

CEO of Tower Leadership, LLC

Rob and Paul host Eric Morin, CEO of Tower Leadership, LLC, a leadership consulting firm focused on teaching dentists how to utilize their practices to create wealth and build a legacy.

In this episode, Rob and Paul have a wide-ranging chat with Eric about: how to improve yourself and your dental practice; the importance of investing/reinvesting in your dental practice; the importance of improving the patient experience; the trap of a dental practice owner looking at his/her dental practice as an income stream rather than as an asset; the importance of trying new things and spending money to make money; why mindset matters; and the “Ceiling of Conformity.”

Listeners who want to learn more about Tower Leadership can visit To learn more about Eric Morin, go to Listeners should also be sure to check out Eric’s “Dental Wealth Podcast” at any of the usual podcast places and here’s a link to the book mentioned by Eric, The Compound Effect: Click Here. 

Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at and those who want to reach out to Rob can do so Rob at