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Dr. Lewis Chen

Dr. Lewis Chen on Keeping Up with Change in the Dental World, and More

Rob and Paul host Dr. Lewis Chen, a young entrepreneurial practicing dentist and multi-practice owner who did a ground-floor storefront dental practice start-up in the heart of New York City’s, Greenwich Village while at the same time acquiring a dental practice in Edgewater, New Jersey.

Paul and Rob chat with Dr. Chen about his somewhat novel business model, the importance of embracing change in the dental world and keeping ahead of changes in the dental profession, as well as the importance of office culture.  Dr. Chen also talks about his penchant for teaching that led to him becoming one of the youngest faculty members at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine and how he has improved himself professionally through teaching.

You can learn more about Dr. Lewis Chen at, you can follow him on Instagram @Dr.LewisChen and you can also email him at

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