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Dr. Tyler Bond

Dr. Tyler Bond

Rob and Paul host Dr. Tyler Bond, a practicing dentist, currently serving in the U.S. Navy at Naval Base Kitsap in Washington State and soon to be stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina with the Marines for three years starting in the summer of 2019. Dr. Bond is a 2018 graduate of Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine – Arizona, where he received multiple awards for implant and digital dentistry including the AAID student award and the comprehensive implant dentistry award.

Paul and Rob chat with Dr. Bond about the “military option” for funding dental school, the clinical training benefits of practicing dentistry in the Navy, how his experience at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine helped jumpstart his career, and the importance of continuing education courses while still a dental student (a Paul Goodman favorite). Finally, Dr. Bond talks about his somewhat unique method for finding part-time associateship positions.

Listeners who want to learn more about Dr. Tyler Bond or reach him can do so at,, or by emailing him at

Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at and those who want reach out to Rob can do so Rob at


April 12-14, 2019
Philadelphia, PA & Live Streamed Worldwide


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