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Dr. David Maconi

The Dental Amigos host Dr. David Maconi, a practicing dentist who completed an AEGD residency at East Carolina University where he largely focused on developing skills in implant placement, surgical extractions, and cosmetic dentistry. Dave is currently working in a large DSO practice near Columbia, South Carolina and has recently begun his own charity-based podcast interviewing experts in their respective fields and making donations to charity for each interview.

In this episode, Paul, Rob and Dave chat about the difference between AEGD and GPR programs and the potential benefits that these programs may have for the dentists who complete them: the ability to expand their skills, learn advanced procedures, network with mentors and potential employers, and more.  They discuss how these residencies can impact a dentist’s job search as well as the potential economic benefits of these programs for both the dentists who complete them and for their employers.

Our listeners can contact Dave at or via Instagram at #Dave_Maconi.  To check out his awesome podcast “Brains and Gains” on YouTube Click Here.


April 12-14, 2019
Philadelphia, PA & Live Streamed Worldwide


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