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The Dental Amigos had an awesome discussion with Dr. Richard Low on a variety of topics that affect new dentists. Dr. Richard Low is a 2015 graduate from Midwestern University Dental School in Glendale, Arizona who completed an AEGD residency with the US Army and is the co-host of the very popular Shared Practices Podcast. In this episode, Rob and Paul talk with Richard about how the military can help a dentist manage debt and receive amazing post-dental school training. Richard shares his observations as to why chairside clinical mentorship and literal clinical hand-holding as a dentist out of school is so important for a dentist’s career. Dr. Nacho and Richard banter about WHY dentists need to have sounding boards to figure out “is this normal?” on a daily basis. Rob and Richard also chat about the difference between asking Facebook friends for advice (which is great) versus professional advisors (which is critical) on “big deal” life choices like buying or starting a dental practice.

Dr. Richard Low

Our listeners can reach out to Dr. Richard Low at and listen to his fantastic podcast, Shared Practices (


October 19-21, 2018
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