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Rob & Paul

Join the Dental Amigos in their fifth episode of season 1, Dental Agreements from an Associate’s Perspective Season, as they explore different ways to avoid the traps associated with Term and Termination clauses in your Employment Agreement.

Rob and Paul discuss how there is much more to terminating a contract than telling your employer you want to leave. The Amigos discuss the differences between terminating “for cause” and “without cause” and how better to be prepared for what’s to follow.

In addition, Rob and Paul provide answers to questions you may have as you read through an employment agreement. What does it mean if a contract has a liquidated damages clause? What if an associate gives the required advance notice within an employment agreement, but the practice terminates you on the spot? How will an associate get paid after giving notice? Allowing yourself to have the knowledge on what questions to ask in an interview, as well as getting professional advice once you’ve received a contract, will help you to enter an agreement with your eyes wide open.

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