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Rob & Paul

In this third episode of Dental Associate Agreements from an Associate’s Perspective Season, the Dental Amigos discuss “compensation” and everything to be aware of as it relates to an associate’s first employment agreement.

The Amigos discuss 3 typical compensation methods, percentage of collections, percentage of production and a fixed salary. Rob and Paul explain the pros and cons of each method, how better to protect yourself through an agreement with each, as well as how one option may be a better fit than the other. Most importantly, the Amigos chat about the “why” behind daily minimums and how they can be a crucial part of compensation for a new associate. Lastly, the Amigos touch on how benefits, such as vacation, malpractice premiums and continuing education play a role in associate compensation. Rob and Paul bring to light when to expect these types of benefits, especially as a full-time associate, and when to not let them be a make-or-break issue in deciding whether to take a particular job.

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