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Anna Haslinsky, Rob Montgomery & Paul Goodman

Rob and Paul host Rob’s colleague, Anna Haslinsky, Esquire, and talk about the latest developments affecting dentists and dental practices during the Coronavirus pandemic:

business interruption insurance, office lease provisions, tax relief, unemployment benefits, business/stimulus loans, OSHA, State Board/ADA orders and directives, deferral and forbearance of existing practice loans, malpractice issues and concerns, and more.

Business and Legal Considerations During the Pandemic

10. Office Lease
9. Business Interruption Insurance
8. Tax Relief
7. Unemployment Benefits (for reduced work/hours and independent Contractors???)
6. Business Loans/Stimulus Programs
4. State Board Directives/ADA Directives
3. Existing Practice Loans
2. Malpractice Insurance Concerns
1. Reality & “Staying Alive”

Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at, those who want reach out to Rob can do so at and those who want reach out to Anna can do so at