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Rob & Paul

Rob and Paul host Nicole Perry of CareStack, live from the Darby booth at the GNYDM 2019. The Dental Amigos chat with Nicole about Millennials (the largest generation group in the Country), understanding the profile of Millennials and what they’re looking for in a patient experience, how to get Millennials into your dental practice and what CareStack is doing to help with that mission.

CareStack is a complete cloud-based clinical and business management platform designed to maximize practice efficiency. Darby’s great tagline, “Vintage is only cool if it’s vinyl,” is the perfect backdrop for this episode.

Minnesota native, Nichole Perry, fell in love with dentistry as a patient, not a practitioner. In August of 2018 her charisma and commitment to the future of the industry brought her to CareStack, where software is the gateway. Nichole brings a fresh perspective and a passion for bridging the gap from practitioner to the successful business owner to an innovator in the industry.

Listeners can learn more about CareStack by going to and they can also connect with Nicole Perry on LinkedIn at

Listeners who want to reach out to Paul can do so at and those who want to reach out to Rob can do so Rob at