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The Dental Amigos are excited to host their amigo Stephen Trutter, who is a partner in Ideal Practices which is a highly-regarded consulting firm that works exclusively with start-up dentists. Over the course of his career, Stephen has helped over 500 dentists start up practices. In this episode, Rob and Paul chat with Stephen about how he defines dental success and the importance of a dentist’s ability to create culture in a dental practice. Of course, no discussion with a start-up practice consultant could be complete without talking about the always popular topic “start-up v. acquisition” to which Stephen provides a very insightful commentary.

While Stephen’s group focuses on the start-up path to practice ownership, much of the discussion in this episode will be meaningful to existing practice owners and those looking to acquire a practice, especially the discussions about being purposeful in the creation and operation of a dental practice

If you’re looking for Stephen, you can find him at

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